June 24, 2009

They told me you died, but I know that's not true. Babies don't die. And horrific things, like death of a child, doesn't happen to people like me. It's too big. Too much to handle. I'd never survive. So, please Anna, tell me it's not true. The ultrasound machine,..I'm sure it's broken. You have a heart beat. I know you do. I've heard it. I've felt you. When you are delivered, you will cry and say hello to me. You will, right? Please don't leave me. Please Anna. Please don't die.

June 23, 2009

Anna, they sent me to the hospital today. My blood pressure spiked for some reason. I had just a routine appointment, but they sent me over for an NST just in case.

Fortunately, everything is great. In fact, better than great! Your heartbeat reading today was as strong as ever. And guess what? I'm having small contractions! I don't feel anything yet, but I guess you are getting ready for your arrival. I'm going to head home tonight for a good night's sleep.

Will I meet you tonight? Tomorrow? Well, whenever you're ready my sweet girl. You mommy is here waiting for you. I love you. I love you. I love you.

June 22, 2009

Dear Anna. I feel you. I know you're ready soon. I am so anxious for your arrival. Are you excited to meet me? I can't wait to show you your family. You're going to be so happy. We have so much love for you Anna. I can't wait to kiss you!

June 20, 2009

Dear Anna
Are you as anxious as I am to meet you??  I feel so close to the day that you'll be here in our lives. I just can't wait. I want you to know, that you are going to have a wonderful life ahead of you. Your mommy and daddy love each other so much. And we love your big sister Ava even more! She probably thinks we do nothing but kiss her all the time and stare at her. She's just beautiful. And the two of you together....you're going to make my heart skip a beat every day. It's going to be wonderful. I can't wait!
I love you soo much Anna. I'm blowing you a kiss right now. You can save it for later for when I can give you a real one!

June 19

Today is June 19, 2009. They say I am dilated! Oh, I am just so excited. I know I can still have almost 2 weeks to go, but with Ava, it was just a matter of days when I was dilated this much. I am so filled with anxiety and excitement. And I'll admit,..a little terrified! But, I know everything will go well. I have all my plans ready. All scenarios set up for whatever time you decide to make an appearance! I can hardly believe that you, my little baby Anna, will soon be face to face with me. I just can't wait to kiss you all over! Love, love, love you sweet girl. xo

June 16, 2009

Today is June 16. 2009. My NST with you last week went perfect as usual. Your heartbeat sounds wonderful. The nurses still question why I need to come in once a week when my pregnancy is going so smoothly. Well, it's just protocol when you're over 35 years of age. I don't mind. I love hearing your heartbeat. It's a sound I can get used to for the rest of my life.

Dr. Jamal gave me another shot of lidocaine today in my back. I feel so much better after that shot. The nerve pain in my back disappears and I can just enjoy being pregnant with you. I feel you kick all the time now. I've had people touch my belly and they can feel you too. It's so amazing. You are so alive and beautiful. Soon Anna, you will be in my arms and we will meet. I can't begin to tell you how much my love grows for you every day. xo

June 13, 2009

Today is June 13. It is 2009.

My wonderful friends at work threw me a baby shower yesterday. So unexpected! It's something you really don't expect when having baby #2. But Anna, I guess they all recognize how important you are already.

It was a wonderful feeling to be celebrated. What they don't know is that I am already celebrating. I am already blessed. I am carrying the greatest gift of all, and that's you. I love you my sweet girl.